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Starting with my 9-year-old view of Being Married, I uncover my own Roots Shaping my View of Marriage and Beginning Our Marriage at 39 — followed by an examination of how this union was created (For Better, For Verse!) and the wonderful Celebration of our 25th anniversary in France. A Portrait of a Marriage in Transition can only be depicted by a series of drawings to complete the picture to include times of collision where a transition is essential. A few chosen quotes from others add poetic expression.

Being Married The Roots That Shaped My View of Marriage Beginning Our Marriage Our Marriage — For Better, For Verse Celebration of Faith and Love — 25th Anniversary in Provence Portraits of a Marriage in Transition I and Thou – A Table Duet Eunice's Biography of Don Schatz

Church and Religion

I was Born into my Tradition — and since then have been Reframing it: first Baptism, what being a Preacher’s Daughter means — including humor from the pulpit, then my husband’s diatribe about “Evangelicals”, my own writing about Lay Ministries in the Episcopal Church that I came into. It was trying to “Explain Church” in a broader sense — discovering the God out there and within, and the intricate value and meaning of Words — and The Word.

Born Into a Tradition Reframing Baptism How Does a Preacher's Daughter Deal with Church Unexpected Humor in Church "I Find Evangelicals Boring" Lay Ministry Let the Children Come Explaining Church Religion: Discovering God — "Out There" and "Within" Words — and THE WORD Getting the Sense: Reading Scripture Aloud

Inner Journey

Weaving the Spiritual and the Psychological Together created One Person’s Tapestry — within the perspective of the journey’s larger Terrain. The weaving began when I was Born Again in Therapy at 37. Ever since, The Inner Journey has been focal and dominant, including retreats where I hear the Sounds of Silence, find Prayer is Companionship, and entertain Thoughts on personality type as fused with Contemplative Prayer. Sharing is instinctive — so I lay down here Stirrings from the Heart, and others — always intent on the deepest source of inner life for me: Dream Work—leaving a path for endless future additions as dreams accompany me on my inner journey.

One Person's Tapestry The Terrain of Spiritual and Psychological Growth Born Again in Therapy The Inner Journey Sounds of Silence Prayer is Companionship Thoughts on Contemplative Prayer Stirrings in the Heart: Creating a Circle of Communion Eternal Family Systems Matter and Spirit The Desert: A Place Where God Happens Creating a Circle of Trust Pause! We Can Go Back! Enneagram and My Body Introduction: Why Dreams? Dreams and the Body Dreams of Sophia Dreams of Change in My Life and Work Dreams from Intensive Jungian Analysis from 1987-1991 Dream Fragments


Seeing my entire life trajectory as Music had to come first, followed by the actual Autobiography—i.e. “my life/work direction—since “my life is my work”. My history of working alongside founders of movements—first in Pioneer Girls and then in Chicago’s Urban Life Center, and then the “intricately woven” thread of Life/Work Direction in Boston—aroused musings about Founding and the Place of Charisma. The Life Planning Process is foundational, and it leads to the necessary attention to good Leaving a Job—and the place of Silence and Sabbaticals in Withdrawing thoughtfully. I can now leave my legacy through joining Don on this website.

My Life Story as a Musical Composition My Work Autobiography (Through 1977) "My Life is My Work" My Life/Work Direction A Life/Work Direction Session as Drama (Play by Participant Sharon Carey) Was Pioneer Girls Inevitable? Unraveling the Slender Thread of Pioneer Girls Birthing the Urban Life Center Life/Work Direction—Intricately Woven Musings About Founding The Place of Charisma Life Work Planning Exercises Over the Years Leaving my First Job—Pioneer Girls Leaving The Urban Life Center—An Intricate Process Journey Into Silence 1977 The Sabbatical Process Leaving for Gaining Depth Professionally - 2007 I am in the Mandorla of My Life - 2009 A Sacred Pause - 2016 Withdrawal Thoughts - 2018


My Mother tells her own story before I step in with my own version of mother and Grandmother. I find “the Mother Load ends for all of us in Mothering our own mothers. A telling dream seals the wisdom learned. Sisters, likeminded women friends, are my partners on an ongoing Odyssey. I entered the World of Women initially by finding a soul friend. I Owed much to a Friendship where truth and conflicting ideas mingled respectfully. A large view of the Feminine includes Sexuality and the visceral realities involved in my Coming Out of the Menopausal Closet!

The Mother - Meeting God at Every Turn The Mother - The Grandmother - Unconditional Love The Mother - The Mother Load The Mother - Mothering My Mother The Mother - Taking a Mother Dream Apart The Sisters - The World of Women The Sisters - Owed to Friendship The Feminine - The Feminine The Feminine - Sexuality The Feminine - Coming Out of the Menopausal Closet


Mirrors help me in a Reflection on my life at 80. Seeing life as a Four-Stage Cycle illuminates the nature of my aging process, accepting the humility that comes with suddenly reduced ambulatory power — Getting Down on My Knees after knee surgery at 85. Prowling through my journals afterwards for two years yields the fruit of “Infinite Variety” coming with attention to one’s legacy, and musing on the Deaths I have Known over the years helps prepare me to consider my own with greater depth.

A Reflection on Mirrors at Eighty The Four Stage Life Cycle Getting Down on My Knees - in Surgery The Infinite Variety of the Aging Process Deaths I Have Known


My father was a writer, chronicling the story of his life in his diaries and journals—gathered together in Going Up to God, the story of his first 28 years. I rewove the tapestry of this “yarn” into Seeing the Glory—adding my own interpretation and completing the rest of his life as I knew it. To understand that relationship on a deeper level, I pulled a few threads from the tapestry to produce Reflections in the Mirror.

Going Up To God Seeing The Glory Reflections In The Mirror


My Autobiography of Money includes any “Inherited Financial Literacy” plus some telling incidents — my own when Traveling Light and Broke, and my father’s recorded diaries revealing Trust and Security. Memories of the Well Bread Child underlie a later articulation of my Philosophy of Money as applied to a non-profit ministry I helped create.

My Autobiograpy of Money Inherited Financial Literacy Traveling Light and Broke Trust and Security A Well Bread Child Remembers Philosophy of Money